Horo Musuko – Wandering Son


Wandering Son is a manga and an anime. Having not read the Manga I have no idea how it differs from the anime. It’s very heartwarming anime or can be for transpersons and their allies. As the main characters are transpersons themselves. Those who insist that being transgendered is something sexual will be made very uncomfortable since the cast consists mostly of middle-school students, fresh out of elementary.

The show revolves around a ‘boy’ who believes he is a girl at heart, and close friend, a ‘girl’ with the reciprocal issue. I cannot, in a short post, list the trans issues this story touches but it’s a fascinating show.

I will talk about one scene that was very poignant.

The ‘girl’ who believes herself to be boy, is going through puberty and very upset about the development of her breasts. A situation not helped by her girl friends (who don’t know she is trans). Their compliments and expressions of envy about how ‘cute’ she looks during a poolside physical education class drive her to the point of seeking out a sound proof environment (the bottom of the pool) where she can scream in silence.

I know how she feels.