A little shout out to my family here.


I was home for Thanksgiving for the first time since I decided to go full time.¬† Everyone was wonderful. My brother (who I know is having trouble with his own journey regarding my transformation) was really trying, My neice and nephew were great. It seems the next generation doesn’t have the hangups mine does. My cousin was awesome comfortable enough to make some of the witticisms that make him like a ‘cool uncle’.


The latter leads me to another observation. I think sometimes we try too hard to be ‘gentle’ and ‘inoffensive’ It becomes a form of condescension. I actually felt left out in my veteran’s circles until I heard a trans joke. And my cousin accusing me of transition to take advantage of the ‘ladies first’ feeding policy made me laugh so hard I nearly pee’d myself.

Anyhow I hope your Thanksgiving was happy…. And DAMMIT it’s not Columbus day in this country so quite throwing native exploitation rants in my face.

Big Hugs.


PS used my passport instead of my driver’s license and no one at the airport blinked. let alone accused me of using my husband’s ID. I’m less like the joke that starts this blog than¬† the scrutineer at the political polling center had me thinking.






Mannerisms and Clothing.


It’s a amazing to me how much fashion dictates feminine mannerisms. We keep our knees locked together because of skirts, we adopt various hand poses because we don’t have pockets in which to put our hands, we’re always fussing with our hair because it’s always in our eyes or simply out of place. Anyhow, just a random observation.




Looks like I’m going to seriously look at getting the name change done.

At a party nomination for a federal candidate in my riding, the registry guy tried to tell me I was showing him my husband’s ID. Funny now, irritating then, concerning the next time I fly.