Because this makes me angry.


I just want to add that I am one of the veterans upset about this.

From a fellow vet on Facebook who I will leave nameless in this blog

Yesterday I posted about being Canadian.

Remember our members of our armed forces are here to defend democracy not practice it. Our members need to embody the highest ethical and moral standards. Full stop. Call me a throwback dinosaur but our members need to embody the best we have got.

So now I am beyond pissed. On Canada Day, a group of indigenous peoples held a protest about Govenor Cornwallis and his scalp bounty on First Nations Peoples. That is their right. And that is not what has me bent, hell even warped.

A group of pseudo ultra conservative group of misguided individuals decided to make their presence known and disrupt the protest. Problem is that they are all members of the military and self proclaimed members of an organization that is no where near in line with what our military members should be associated with.

I was torn as to whether I posted this so as to possibly, inadvertently give them any public recognition.
But I want the Canadian Public to know that the backlash in the veterans community is strong and is hoping for severe and swift action for this group of miscreants. Their beliefs and actions are not what we stand for and not what we have sworn to protect.

Our Country, True North Strong and Free deserves so much better. Our Veterans want to assure the Public that these folks are not representative of those who proudly Stand On Guard for thee.

I am not sure what a suitable punishment would be, but I am thinking loss of security clearances and 60 days in Edmonton for reflecting so poorly on our armed forces.

You do not get the luxury of being a bigoted, hate filled racist facist and serve.

To those who have been affected by this fiasco, I can only offer assurances that this is not in anyway reflective of the attitudes of the proud members of both the military and the veterans communities.

For the Sake of Keeping this Blog Alive


The problem is a lot of times I don’t feel I have much that’s relevant to say. I just live a normal life day to day and don’t see the point of posting pictures of my meals or the place I do my laundry. Today at least was an empty day of mostly posting on Facebook. There were some interesting conversations on there. Facebook ran a gamut of topics from Trudeau to the Philippines to C-16 (I suppose I could talk about C-16)

I asked the ‘general discussion’ forum of an anime site to which I subscribe what was so hard about addressing/referring to people as they wish. I also raised c-16 as part of the topic. Among other things this led to a genuine Nazi Apologist trying to compare Canada to North Korea because our hate speech laws put a limit on free speech. He even brought up the Keegstra case. Actually on topic, It’s sad how many folk “refuse to pander to delusional people”

Most of the people on the forum in question, I believe, are American it’s amazing how different our two countries are on this topic. Here I’m protected by law. There I’d have to worry about potty policemen making sure I used the washroom they dictated for me.