Aoi Futaba (“You’re Under Arrest”)


At some point I’ll talk more generally about the hit or miss but at least VISIBLE presence LGBT and especially Transfolk have in imported Japanese cartoons. but I wanted to Gush about my anime Heroine.

Officer Aoi Futaba, Bokotu Precinct.

Aoi is a major supporting character in the Anime TV series ‘You’re under arrest’


Aoi is first portrayed as a confused male victim of hardwork and a strict instructor, she trained hard and went undercover as a woman to catch a serial rapist and never went back to being a man. In later episodes the show’s writers imply very strongly that this wasn’t an accident but the trigger for her own transgender self recognition and choice, even going so far as to have her now guilty instructor coming back to try and “fix” his over zealousness and make Aoi a man again. This fails.

Aoi’s portrayal will strike many chords with transwoman especially, workplace related trials. The first episode nearly revolves around the locker room issue. And a later early episode, in which a movie star for whom Aoi clearly has feelings, proposes to her, deals with the disclosure issue.

Aoi is perhaps guilty of the common t-girl tendency to try too hard. In the words of one of the show’s main characters:

“you’re the kind of daughter my MOM wants!”

She hasn’t forgotten her athleticism and the former high school basketball star often puts some impressive moves on perpetrators during the show.

She’s a good hearted soul whom I’d be happy to call friend if she weren’t just ink on a cell.

This is to her advantage. She’s drawn more beautifully than the other girls in the precinct and often attracts men more easily than they do. She’s voiced by a female voice actor, which I think is a little unfair but…


She’s been my heroine since before I admitted to myself that I was Trans.


~~ Big Hugs ‘Jaypeg’


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