I would post this to facebook but well I don’t want it generally out there for an employer to read.

This isn’t really a transgender thing, but i need to vent and to analyze…


I woke up with vim and vigour which soon turn into a fit of highly distracted and scattered ‘creativity’ that is usual the sign of a bipolar ‘up’ state. Then I started feeling flushed and headachy as I tried to focus on stuff I had to do for and before work.

Some where in there I noticed my inability to focus and started to worry about ‘being sick’ then I started to worry about worrying and began to really stress out about my inability to stop stressing out. THEN I noticed the symptoms of a blood sugar low and tested myself for a BGC (blood glucose count, Not Bubble Gum Crisis) of 2.8 (less than four is an emergency) I treated that with sugar pills and an heavier bit of food.

But by then I had no choice, I called in sick to work…WHICH I REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO DO. and found out, looking at my phone, that my doctor wanted to see me over concerns about some recent blood work.

Writing this all out has helped chill me out. and it seems so lame in dry text… but… I was in spin dry for a but there.

Thanks for your patient. I now return you to your regular blog.

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