Knights of Sidonia


Anime has done it’s usual thing turning our concepts of gender and sexuality on their ears simply as a bit of colour in a different larger story.


Knights of Sidonia is a new(ish) anime realized simultaneously fully voiced and localized in multiple languages and happens to be marketed as an exclusive ‘netflix original’ (more of this and I might have to sign up again)

the plot of this … Mecha action meets Battlestar Galactica anime isn’t relevant to my post (but I AM enjoying it so far).

what is relevant is the concept of bi-gender. the anime is set in the far future in a ‘siege ship’ a giant spacegoing habitat that might contain the last of humanity. Humanity has … altered itself to survive. Clones are common, with the notable exception of the protagonist every human is now capable of photosynthesis and needs only eat once a week. and some humans are both genders just not at once, they manifest as men or women depending on the gender of the person to whom they are attracted.

I thought it was an interesting twist. Even the ‘boys’  and ‘girls’ uniforms of the military academy the characters are attending seems are mixed. Girls have skirts, guys have pants Bi-genders wear skorts. Why this identification is necessary I do not know. but aside from that the characters seem to be treated no differently not the clones not bi-genders the only odd one  out is the main character, a genetic anomaly who cannot synthesize.  Even the cyborg bear seems to fit in…

anyhow Just thought I’d share.

I have an ‘imperfect’ post brewing in the drafts section that I hope will see light of day. In the meantime. I’m still alive, still journeying.

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