I am a Nerd!


Perhaps that should be also a Nerd. After all, in addition to being a fan of science fiction and anime and miniatures war gaming I carry other labels such as Trans-Woman (bet you never would have guessed that one 😉 ), Veteran (cold-warrior and weekend warrior but still Veteran enough to join the Legion), Nurse (a label I spend cold hard cash every year to continue to be permitted to adopt),Humanist, Feminist (THOSE two another article for another day), Auntie, Cousin, Friend, Roommate, Gamer, Fan, Reader,Blogger, Tory, Bleeding Heart, Meatitarian, Black Thumb…

No one is ever just one label. Among mine is Nerd.

Sometimes I’ll talk about how the nerdy things I enjoy either allowed a little of my closeted femininity to safely slip out without triggering a drum head court-martial by my fellow men followed by the loss of my guy stripes and the breaking of my Man-sword.

Other times I’ll talk about how the nerdy entertainments I consume affirmed my transgendered nature. (sometimes only in hindsight),

In this space in the future I’m going to talk about several imported Japanese cartoons and/or their characters, as well as some sci-fi and fantasy novels that made me feel better as me. Even during the time when I was not admitting myself to myself. (bear with me. that will be explained when I get around to posting a back story.)

The first two I’ll wish to talk about, SOON!  Are Aoi Futaba from the Anime “You’re Under Arrest” and Terry Pratchet’s “Discworld” novels, primarily the ones focusing on the Anke-Morkpork City Watch.

But this is just a heads up. When I say ‘trans in media’ I’m usually NOT referring to their notable absence in most Hollywood films and broadcast TV shoes.

Watch this Space

~Big Hugs, Jaypeg.


PS – Nerd Points to anyone who recognizes my blog’s tagline.


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