In another post I claimed to be a veteran, A service club that is supposed to be of and for veterans, a post service brotherhood, considers me one.

I’m not a combat veteran however, still, I love those who served. The Americans just celebrated memorial day. We have Remembrance Day, The Legion has a number of parades and honours that civilians don’t seem to be aware are even happening.

On this page I’ll share some stuff in honour of Veterans. Hopefully helping us understand…

…stuff that I’m sure many of you who aren’t vets, are unaware needs to be understood.

First a couple of TED talks.

Then a book. I’m not a combat vet but the author, David Drake, was. It’s science fiction because when he first started his career he couldn’t sell stories about his experiences unless he gave his vets rayguns and hovertanks. This one was written after that career got going and speaks most loudly about some of the things that are close to my heart, that move me when I took the Legion oath. The need for Vet to truly come home.



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