Usefull Info. (mostly a glossary of terms)


So. I decided to start collecting a few ‘fun facts’ and jargon definitions both to help you understand my blog AND to give you the tools to sound more sensitive to members of the LGBT+ community.

CD: Cross Dresser. Someone who for one or more of many possible reasons (including but not limited to: Public Entertainment, Private Fetish, Defiance of Cultural Norms, or attempting to express Gender Dysphoria) wears the clothes of another gender. Sometimes even to the extent of ‘impersonating’ the other gender.

Cis-: Prefix meaning, roughly, Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM). A Cis-gendered person finds the gender role society has given them congruent with the body parts with which they were born.

Deadnaming: Addressing or referring to a person who has changed their name by their old name. A hurtful thing to do.

DSM: Usually followed by a roman numeral to represent edition (ie DSM IV, DSM V), is short for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Gender Dysphoria: Current psychological label under the DSM V, for someone “unhappy” (to put it mildly) with the gender imposed upon them by society. Replaces Gender Identity Disorder from the DSM IV.

Hermaphrodite: an ignorant/insensitive term for an intersex person.

Intersex: A person born with missing/additional/mixed body parts that make it difficult for Delivery room doctors to assign one of only two recognized genders. Male or Female. It is still not known how common this event is since the medical profession does not document how often it has ‘corrected’ an intersex person at birth.

LGBT+ : Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two Spirited, Gender undefined and any other new sub group we choose to name under our umbrella of a ‘community’ defined almost exclusively by the fact that, despite our glaring differences and even occasional hostility to one another,  we all get thrown under the homophobia bus.( currently we are at LGBTTQ2SO but even our official signs cannot keep up)

Passing: ‘To Pass’ is a slang or Jargon verb among to the T-community referring to being taken as your presented gender and presumably not being ‘clocked’ or ‘read’ as transgender.

Shemale: Slang term for a transperson. Considered ignorant/insensitive/derogatory.

T- or ‘T’: a Prefix indicating one is Transgendered (see below). OR a slang for ‘Testosterone’ sometimes Transmen celebrate the consumption of their first dose of Testosterone by holding “T Parties” (not to be confused with THE Tea Party).

T-boi/T-girl: a Modern popular slang by which some transfolk identify themselves.

THE Surgery(operation, Treatment): a singular mythological medical procedure that people who know little about the Transgendered assume is necessary and sufficient to complete the process. In fact, there are multiple therapies both chemical (hormones), Surgical (Breast enhancement/removal, Vaginoplasty, Cosmetic etc.), and behavioural (Voice Training, Posture and movement etc.) that form a ‘menu’ of choices from which each transperson picks as their own personal journey.

‘Tranny’: a slang term typically only used in a derogatory manner. While Transfolk might use the term in a self deprecating or self critical fashion, it’s best used with the same caution you would use with a racial epithet.

Trans-: prefix indicating someone is transgendered (see below)

Transgendered: Someone who identifies differently from the gender society’s perception of their plumbing has assigned to them.

Transman: A man now who may have been born with some ‘unmanly’ body parts.

Transexual: an old term that used to be used as the label from some transgendered. Now considered out of date and Ignorant/Insensitive.

Transpositive: Reacting in a favourable or supportive manner to transpersons. “You don’t have to worry about getting ‘sirred’ at that restaurant, they’re very transpositive”

Transvestite: another old ignorant/insensitive label for a cross-dresser.

Transwoman: A woman who isn’t OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured)


Tucking: The practice of concealing male genitalia by tucking them into cavities in the groin and securing them in place with a ‘Gaff’ or ‘Jayne’s Belt’. Some even use duct tape.


(btw I WISH I could get a boob job for so little)



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