I lived.


I have two core values that keep me going my touch stones when I forget who I am or what I’m about.

The first, long held is: “make good memories”


the second, newly adopted, is that I want my epitaph to be “She Lived”


And yesterday.


I LIVED. I want more days like this.


Computer addiction.


I Just did a “delete local content” of my steam version of skyrim.  Neither it nor my most recent save are ‘gone’ thanks to steam and the cloud.. BUT.


I’ll have to make a conscious sit down effort to play that game rather than have it handy.

Which means maybe I’ll get back into my habit of going to the Gym nearly every day.

I’ve had the game active for I think three days. and it’s already eaten at least 12 hours of those days.

No more.



I think I’ve discovered one reason why yoga and pilates are popular ‘girl’s workouts’

Being able to tie your legs into a pretzel or put your hands behind your head from under your armpits are actually valuable skills for putting on pantyhose, Heels, Bras and most back zippered dresses.



I hate being disorganized in the morning. but the worst is the moment I’ve dragged down my dress over my head, look down and can see my feet….

oops. Right!

Bra, THEN dress.


On Authorship.


Just a little note here,

I didn’t know what I was doing and used my Webmaster’s acount for my first couple of posts. I am the Author of those posts regardless of what WordPress tries to tell you.